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The Curdridge team rolled up at George V playing fields to take on Compton and Chandlers Ford IIIs hoping to continue a good run of form. Skipper Jules had headed to Southern France in an attempt to find a quaint Gallic cafe to watch the Cricket World Cup Final. Stand in captain Dave, fuelled by a swift crackerjack from the Curdridge show bar, chose to negotiate the toss with the opposition skipper resulting in Curdridge getting first use of the “road”.

Mark and Punter padded up and marched to the middle looking to make a brisk start. The plan was rapidly changed as the road turned out to be more of a dusty track set in a bowl covered with a dense layer of grass. Punter lost his wicket attempting his favoured run scoring shot past the keeper. CCF needing to use their review to confirm the loud snick audible from the boundary was from the bat and not from Del’s dodgy knee.

This brought overseas test player Nev to the crease. Apparently he had once played against Lillian Thompson whoever she was. Several coats of paint dried while the total crept up to to 60 in the 25th over before Nev holed out. With Jay joining Mark the run rate was still sluggish and with the middle order looking anxious Mark, having scored a nice 50, decided to sacrifice his wicket. Apparently he had been trying to get out for 10 overs until hitting on the idea of letting the ball hit his pads - LBW again!

With a score of 100 and only 8 overs to go the opposition where starting to think they may have an achievable target to chase. The problem for them was that Firecracker fuelled Dave now entered the fray. A rapid 50 followed with support from Jack with a mighty 6 and some fast running. The innings ended at 183-7, a very good score on the tough track and slow outfield.

With Tav missing for no good reason It was decided that Sam (being the quickest bowler available ) should open the bowling on a wicket looking more like a Mumbai raging bunsen than the traditional Hampshire green top. The batsmen were duly bamboozled and amazing catches taken, Addy with a running grab at mid on and Mark a one handed dive at short square. With Sam taking 3 and Del, charging in on his one serviceable leg, taking 2 the opposition were reeling with 5 down in 16 overs.

Unperturbed CCF continued to try and play shots, but more often than not they went skyward. More often than not they picked out the area patrolled by Jay which was a statistically safe area of the field with only a 40% chance of getting out.

The last few wickets were shared by Rob, Dave and Jay with CCF all out for 93 giving Curdridge a convincing 23 point victory.

Man of the match

Mark had a good game with a 50 and fine catch, but Dave with a ferocious and rapid 50 to make the Curdridge total formidable takes the honours.

Champagne moment

Several great catches, but Mark’s diving one hander looked so effortless that it has to take the award.

Donut of the day

On a day of great catches anyone dropping 3 will be hard to beat to the Donut . So Jay must step up again for the most sought after award of the week.

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