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SATURDAY XI v IBM - 28th July 2018

Curdridge made the short trip to Shirrell Heath to face IBM on Saturday. Jack Keogh was missing (soon to be shipped into the Love Island), so Tav Snr stepped into the breach. 


A dry surface (surprisingly) meant bat first was the right option and skipper delivered for once, winning the toss and putting his feet up looking forward to Craig and Dan C taking advantage of the conditions.


Dan clearly didn’t get the Email though as he followed up a first ball block with a second ball miss and he was on his way back to the hutch for 39 overs of scoring. 


Jay joined Craig and the two of them built a strong partnership, with Craig in particular making good use of the short boundaries with a series of sixes into the woods, and Jay even managed to locate the boundary with gentle pushes through the covers.


Craig then succumbed in his usual manner (fifty and out), bringing the walking dead to the crease (Dave suffering the effects of a late night drinking session with his morris dancing squad). The day didn’t get much better for Dave as one popped off the pitch and he managed to loop it into the covers.


Skipper was faced with what is becoming a common experience, meeting Jay in the middle after 15 overs needing to stabilise the ship. The difference this week was that the scoreboard was already approaching 100.


A mixture of biff and block negotiating the demons in the pitch built the score further before Jay fell for a well made 66. Skipper soon followed for 39 leaving the bottom order with a platform to push on towards full batting points. With a few wobbles late on this was finally delivered and the innings closed on 211-9  - possibly a little short on what we should have delivered.


Tea done and the usual suspects (Tav and the Earl of Curdridge) started up and it wasn’t long before the opener was back in the hutch, Dan taking a sharp chance behind the sticks.


Another followed for Del and Tav also got into the act with his slow right arm dobblers doing the trick. The bowlers were backed up by some good fielding, Jay in particular creating dots, and Tav Senior out fielding Tav Junior in the leg side.


The highlight of the first ten overs of the IBM innings however was a sprint to the fence by Mike Punt. Just failing to stop the ball, he completing missed the netted fence that had been in place for the entire game. Cue a comedy tumble which ended with Mike floundering round like a super sized salmon trying to escape the net. Runs were then easy to come by for the next two overs as none of the Curdridge lads could see through tears of laughter - thanks Mike, highlight of the day!


Luke and Dave tagged in for Del and Tav and with the home side 5 down with the rate approaching 10 then the game was drifting towards an easy win for Curdridge.


IBM had different plans though and despite Dave picking up regular wickets (one in particular via a full length dive from Clarkey), they were keeping up with the rate, with their big lad taking a particular liking to Jays tweakers and depositing them into the forest.


With 5 overs left the score had moved onto 150 and despite being 9 down IBM had two quality batsmen at the crease.


Skipper decided he would have to bring back the hangover, and Dave was summoned back into the attack. 


The final wicket was duly delivered with Dimmy taking an excellent catch on the longest boundary.


One we made heavy weather of, but got the job done and took full points.


Next week a tough one, home vs Locks Heath.


Man of the Match, Champagne Moment, Donut of the Day - Mike you take them all this week, funniest thing I have seen on a cricket field for a long time!

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