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SUNDAY XI vs NEWPORT GENTLEMEN - 1st September 2019

As the machines rollercoaster of emotions Saturday and then to Sunday morning where the team went from complete dejection of failing to gain promotion, to the purgatory of being in the balance and then after some fine reading of the small print the realisation that the mighty Curdridge did gain promotion (choke avoided).


A mixture of some of the the saturdays, the Wednesday finest, the return of Craig (getting familiar with his surrounding ahead of next year) and Simon Pitter! 


As everyone arrived there was the shear look of shock on most faces as it was announced Curdridge’s answer to Jacques Kallis in the form of Tav had been given the nod as skipper. A mutiny was staved off and the toss was done. Going one better then the man he replaced Tav won the toss and decided to bat on what seemed a road.


Seeing the wicket the skipper selflessly decreed to open up himself and Nick as s throw back to a couple of seasons back with the two looking to set a good foundation for the deadly middle order to follow. With a combination of good strokes from the pair and some helpful runs from a lad called extras the first wicket was well over 50 when Nick fell trying to accelerate the rate and was ran out trying to convince Tav to come back for a third. 

During this phase the game changed to a 12 a side affair and the new twelfth man was first change. Clearly identifying the threat the skipper tried launching the ball into the next field first ball of the spell but failed in his attempts as always the ball was a jaffa and a wonder-catch saw the end for a fantastic 25. Alan then joined Robbo at the crease to then stabilise the innings after two wickets in two balls. This was done expertly until Robbo got a good one which enabled the returning (for this game and next season of course) Craig to come to the crease. 

Everyone on the edge of there seats expecting these two pile on the runs and considering the previous days events that’s exactly what happened with the ball disappearing to all parts of the ground with the middle of the bat meeting the ball frequently with both making there way to very well made half centuries.


Knowing it’s a friendly and wanting everyone to have a game Alan decided to leave a straight one from the opposition skipper who was labelled rapid from Pythagoras on the sideline then after one ball of his spell the same mathematician saying he’s nothing special. Following the wicket of Alan this very same bowler then ripped through the famous Curdridge middle order which encompassed 4 ducks which were for Pitter, Mark, Dave and Keogh with the score before looking something close to the 250 mark the Curd where now struggling to get 200.


There was still hope until Craig decided to chip one up to the man in the deep and make his way back to the shed, still a good starting point to build on for next year with a well made 59.


It was then up to Del and Dell Jnr to see us towards 200 with the running between the wickets being a like to lightning before Del jnr went full keogh and missed a slow full toss, seeing Curdridge post a respectable 198.


Tea was then taken and munched down with aplomb by all leaving mere morsels remains, solid efforts gents and thank you Sir Nick on his return from his fire fighting duties that afternoon.


With ball in hand it was time for Del and Punter to start the innings with there scary pace to make any batsmen squirm. Punter making an inroad trapping the batsmen plum in front, calling for the skipper to notice his greatness, the eagle eyed Saturday skipper watched the next ball with great intrigue as punter decided to ball one short and wide and saw the ball disappear with some venom to the boundary rope. 


Del kept it tight at the other end but didn’t make a breakthrough meaning he went a weekend without a wicket, someone call a doctor he might be broken!


With Curdridge being one for symmetry were last year the number three strolled in and scored a century to take the game away from the home side he proceeded to go about that job again with the new skipper looking at many different options to remove him turning to even more Gas in Keogh who bowled a couple of buets, Robbo who did the same, Mark then had a short spell which we’ll skip over and Sammy (complete with bandana today) also being turned to. Yet the breakthrough was yet to come and the key man now passed his 50 when drinks where taken Newport where already halfway to there total with only 1 down.


So what do you do in a crisis the skipper thought, back yourself so Tav took the ball and actually took a wicket for change but it wasn’t the batsmen everyone needed but still a wickets a wicket ayy! Instead he decided to ball a half tracker to the key man and get hit for 6, well done.


Chances came and went with 50 to win for the big wicket of there skipper who was chasing back to back 100’s with a difficult one to Robbo at cover, then Keogh forgetting you use your hands instead of your eye to catch a ball, then the following ball still clearly dazed wasn’t ready for the chance the very next ball.


Luckily the breakthrough came when the number 3 retired after scoring his 100, we were in the game with them requiring 10!!!


The skipper turned to his death bowlers in sammy and punter and we took a couple more wickets could we do this, the squeeze was on it was intense they needed 9 off 7 overs and we were clearly into the tail, yorkers, slower balls the cutters Punters bag of tricks was all coming out. Sammy turning it sideways they couldn’t pick him with his flight and guile proving to much. Could we do it?!?!

Unfortunately it wasn’t it be and for a second successive season a century from the same player appeared to put pay to Curdridge’s hopes of a win. Which puts pay to the debut skippers hopes or a first win.


Champagne moment- Only one for me and that’s  Punter offering his glasses to the umpire after bing unhappy with an LBW call in the dying embers if the game.


Donut of the day- Sorry Keogh it wasn’t your day with the bat or in the field, maybe keep the gloves on next week?


Onto the finale next week fellas!!!!

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