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SATURDAY XI v Southampton Community - 11th May 2019

The league cricket season opened at the RRL with a close and keenly contested match against Southampton Community II. The club skipper was missing due to “unspecified personal reasons” so Dave Janes took the reins. Many opinions were sought prior to the toss about whether to bat or bowl with the decision finally being to bowl first - A wise choice given the 5 minute deluge that briefly delayed the start.

With the immaculately manicured pitch freshened up the SC openers decided that their only option was to block and leave. Del and Tav wheeled away for 10 overs before the 2nd digit was needed on the scoreboard top row. The one time an aggressive shot was played the catch was well pouched at mid on. Tav completed his 8 overs for an impressively low 11 runs with Del being a little more expensive after the SC number 3 realised that at the current run rate a score of less that 50 was on the cards. The rate picked up with more regular boundaries until Dave collected a wicket using the old pace bowlers trick of 2 bouncers followed by a short pitched worm chaser knocking back middle.


Jay was brought into the attack for some variation and soon created a couple of c&b chances that he decided were not quite right for a champagne moment so were duely shelled. Reincarnated Mark Emm made up for a few missed seasons in the field with regular blocks at gully and in the covers.


Some good boundary catches by Sam and Tav off Rob’s carefully pitched leggies keep the wickets tumbling. Punter came on to wrap up the tail, but found wickets less easy to come by this week so resorted to risking overthrows by hurling the ball at the bowlers end taking the batsmen (and team mates) by surprise. The SC innings ended on a decent 180-8 considering the slow start.



Akshay and Mark steadily opened the innings seeing off the openers and getting the scoreboard moving. Wickets gradually feel with the required rate starting to creep up. Jay had however been carefully playing self in and started to accumulate a nicely constructed 50. Jack Keogh came in with a few lusty blows and some quick singles before for the second week running over estimated his own capabilities to end his innings run out. With 5 down and another 40 odd runs still needed from 6 overs things were getting tight as Alan Bollard limped to the wicket intent on demonstrating how quick singles should be run. Quickly realising that running might not be the best solution a few more ambitious shots were played resulting in flurry of boundaries and 180 was reached with 2 overs to spare.


A really good team effort with runs wickets and catches spread around the team.


Man of the match: Jay for a good 75 not out holding the innings together.


Champagne moment: the Punter run out takes it on a day of good all round performances.

Donut: For multiple drops off his own bowling Jay wins this one.

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