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CURDRIDGE vs BURRIDGE IV's - 10th June 2023

A strong team turned up captained by Jules to play Burridge.  The toss was won, yes we won the toss.  Jules made the right decision and put them in to bowl on the hottest day of the year.  

Mark and Jules went out to bat and quickly hit two boundaries in the first over.


More runs and we were 25 for 0 after 3 overs.  Before you know it, more runs and we were at 50.  Suddenly, Jules and Mark are both on 50 and we are at 100 off 15 overs.


Jules gets out hitting a huge shot that is caught on the boundary, before Craig goes in to join Mark. 


Craig starts positively with 3 boundaries in first over.  25 overs and we are 175.  More runs from Mark and he hits 100.  What beautiful batting.  Craig starts to let rip and hits his 50.  225 off 30 overs.

Craig then gets his 100 and we cannot believe what is happening.


Craig gets out and then Jack comes in with real intent.  First ball goes for a boundary.  Mark and Jack then really start to smack the ball and by the end of 40 overs we are 355, with Mark hitting a glorious 150 and Jack on 55.


The opposition are exhausted from 3+ hrs fielding. 


The most relaxed tea you can imagine.  


Del started off the bowling and immediately took a wicket in the first over.  Mark then started bowling at the other end and got a beauty of a wicket.  Before you know it, two more wickets from Del in the next over and Burridge were 5 for 4 wickets.  

What a start.

Burridge then got a bit of reassurance back and put on some runs before Del got another 2 wickets leaving Burridge reeling for 30 for 6 wickets.   A few more runs from Burridge before Jules made the right decision to bring Punter on who delivered 4 beautiful overs claiming the last 4 wickets.


Burridge all out for 50.  Great bowling and great fielding.


All finished by 5pm, cannot get any better.


Oh no, I’ve just woken up from a dream and I’m in the shower and my beautiful American wife comes in to see if I am ok.  Yes, it’s that scene from Dallas (us older people will remember that scene from the 1980’s)


F**k it’s all been a dream.


Now for the real match report.


On the hottest day of the year, Jules loses the toss again and we are sent out to field in 30 C heat.


Del started some beautiful bowling supported by Mark.  Del got an early wicket, but after that it was a slog.  Burridge batsmen took their time to start piling on the runs, but once they got going it didn’t stop. 


2 other wickets from Mark and Harry, but Burridge piled on the runs to get a total of 240.


To say its was hot was an understatement!!!


When we got into changing rooms, there was soon puddles of sweat on the floor.  I’ve never seen so many players overheating.


Tea was not ideal as none of us could eat anything as it was too hot.  


We went out to bat and just on cue the clouds came over and temperature dropped a bit.  Just our luck.


Mark and Jules opened but it was not long before Jules was bowled beautifully by Emily.  Not a good day for Jules, losing the toss, going for 54 runs off 4 overs and now bowled by a beauty of a ball.

Mark continued to bat and grind out the runs and then Jack got out cheaply as did Craig.  Not looking good.


Alan went out and steadied the innings, before the next 5 batsmen went cheaply leaving Alan not out on 31.  Total of 116 with 21

extras, so we didn’t even get 100 batting runs.


Not the best of games, but after 4 hrs fielding, we had no energy or mental capacity to bat.


And to make the day even worse the showers did work but were so hot you came out of shower hotter than when you went in.


A few beers watching Burridge 1st team play showed how it should be done.


Let’s hope next week is better.  Come on Curdridge, find that fighting spirit.

Next Week:  Home to Eastleigh

Man of the Match:  Has to be Mark for 34 runs and 1 wicket bowling.

Champagne Moment:  Cold beers after the game

Donut of the Day:  Not a good day for our captain, so donut of the day goes to Jules again.

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