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CURDRIDGE vs ST CROSS VI's - 3rd June 2023

Curdridge finest turned up in sunny Cheriton to play St Cross for the third game of the season after 1 loss and 1 win.

Jules has selection problem, not due to us wanting to play cricket, but the need to have a drink in the Flower Pots pub that brews its own beer which was 50 yds from the cricket ground.


After a nice drive through the countryside, the ground at Cheriton appeared through the sunny haze.


After a mini revolt within the team, it was decided to keep Jules as captain, so pressure was on.


You guessed it, we lost the toss again and so started a hot sunny day in the field. 


Del and David opened up with the bowling with some fierce fast bowling from David that made the batsman uneasy.  Del and David got 7 wickets between them to limit St Cross.  Supported bowling from Sammy and Pete ensured St Cross were bowled out for 104 in 22 overs.

For once it was a good day in the field with all catches caught and generally good fielding (I know bloody surprising !!!)

This allowed a leisurely tea watching the FA Cup final and Man City destroying Man Utd.


Mark and Dom opened again adding 36 runs and looking comfortable, before Dom got out again to a catch.  Jules was out for 11, before Jack strode in looking all confident. 


Jack then added a quick 27, before abuse started from his team mates who reminded him, he was out for 27 in previous match.  And yes, you guessed it right, he then got out for 27 !!!


You will know from previous match reports there’s always a mild panic with our batting and this time we didn’t disappoint.  David got out trying to hit a six over the trees. 


Don’t worry the ball never got near the trees. 


Then some reviewable decisions with Mark given out lbw and then poor old Alan out for 0.  Its not your season so far is it Alan !!!

Now at this time the remaining team members were relaxing in the clubhouse watching football or cricket on their mobile phones and yours truly that confident in our batting, had a shower and changed, looking smart as always.


But as David and Alan’s wicket fell, panic ensued.  Apache Jules ordered yours truly to get changed back into his whites just in case, but with Rob at the crease there was never any doubt we would get the winning runs and yes Rob hit a beautiful boundary to win the game.  105 off 20 overs, so not that bad.

A special mention to Pete for his glorious not out of zero!

After changing back into evening attire, we headed for the Flower Pots pub and enjoyed a few beers in the beer garden.

Overall, a fine day of cricket and with beer and the sun shining, what more do you want in life ??


Next Week:  Away to Burridge

Man of the Match:  No clean winners, so for once it’s a team win, so we all deserve match of the match.

Champagne Moment:  Drinking the local brew in Flower Pots pub

Donut of the Day:  Has to be yours truly for changing before batting was over.

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