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CURDRIDGE vs HYTHE & DIBDEN III's - 1st July 2023

Curdridge were home this week to Hythe and Dibden after last week’s loss.

Jules was still sunning himself in France for the 2nd week, so Dom took the reigns as captain.


Mark and Rob were back in team with Harry and Eden out.


On a slightly cloudy/sunny day, we actually won the toss.  Yes, we won it.  But rather than batting we elected to bowl.  Time will tell is that was the right decision.


Del started off and delivered tight bowling to limit runs, but the two opening batsmen were methodical and selected their shots with efficiency and never gave their wicket away.  Good running from the two opening batsmen ensured runs followed.  Del bowled his 8 overs for 31 runs but no wickets.  Sammy bowled the other end and did a good job in limiting runs with 8 overs off 17 runs but like Del no wickets.


The two opening batsmen added more runs to get 52 and 51, before both being bowled by good bowling from Dave.

Dave bowled well to get 3 wickets, 8 overs off 24 runs.


Rob then started off bowling with some good early overs, but a new batsman came in with the intent to hit the ball and Rob went for 26 in his last over leaving 7 overs off 64 runs.


Mark and Dom then came onto to bowl and wickets started to fall, with Mark getting 2 wickets and Dom 4 wickets to help keep the runs down.


Hythe ended on 189 for 9 wickets off 40 overs.


In the field we generally fielded ok with the only incident where Alan started limping and ended up in slips for the rest of the game.


Tea was provided as a joint effort between Rob and Alan.  A very good tea it was.  The only other excitement during tea was Jack screaming like a baby as he has a slight graze on his arm which Rob then decided to spray some antiseptic stuff on it.  Oh, did Jack scream !!!.  Pain threshold for Jack is rather low !!!.


So, 190 to chase down.


Dom and Mark opened, but before you could blink Dom was out.  Mark battled on as he always does getting crucial runs.  Jack went and looked good until he was run out.  Now depending on who you believe, either Mark called for a quick single that was not or Jack was to slow off the mark.  Either way Jack was out.


Dave went in and a nice partnership started to form with Mark and Dave getting runs to get us to drinks break at 20 overs.


After drinks, Mark was out for 34 after some good batting, leaving Craig to join Dave.  

Dave was then out for lbw.  Dave did not like this decision and threw his toys out of the pram and stormed off the pitch.   Dave battled hard to get his 40.  Rob then joined the batting but Craig was then out cheaply for 6.

The game was slipping away quickly now.  Punt joined the batting and quickly added runs with Rob, before Rob was out. 


Alan came on with a runner and again the total moved on quickly with both Punt and Alan getting runs, but with the other team putting all fielders on the boundary it was difficult to get a boundary.  Alan and Punt were not out on 13 and 15.


We got to 161 runs off 40 overs, so 28 runs short.


Strike rate for the top 3 batsmen was:  Alan on 118, Punt on 71 and Dave on 70.


Again, a frustrating result as per last week, where we could have chased down the total.  Maybe we need to bat first more often, just a thought !!!!


Onto next week.

Next Week:  Lock Heath.

Man of the Match:  Dave for getting 40 with bat, 3 wickets and throwing his toys at the pram.  

Champagne Moment:  When we keep losing, no champagne moments today !!

Donut of the Day:  Has to be Jack for his screams with his slightly grazed arm !!!

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