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Curdridge were away this week at the lovely setting of Tichborne Park estate.

But before we start on the match report, I can happily inform you that Jack served his punishment serving tea in an old people’s home for a day and we had positive feedback from all the residents, so well-done Jack on now learning how to make a proper cup of tea.  Punishment served and Jack is welcome back into the team with open arms.

On another beautiful sunny day, we all ended getting lost as the postcode given by Jules took us right to the local pub in Tichborne.  Nothing wrong with that on any other day, but today we had to play cricket.  After a mini panic trying to find the ground on Google maps, we arrived with 5 minutes to spare. 


Unfortunately, Stu Hillman was a good 25 minutes late, so we started with 10 players. Pete cried off late with an injury, so Eden stepped us to join the team.

Jules was sunning himself in France, so Dom took the reigns as captain.

Most of you know we never win the toss with Jules and always have to field in the 30 C heat, so we were all hopeful that Dom would win this time, but no chance.  So, we walked out onto the field in the hot weather again to bowl 40 overs.


Del started off and delivered tight bowling to limit runs, but no wickets for Del this week, but 8 overs for 24 runs was good.  Dave started at the other end and bowled 4 overs getting a wicket.  We limited them to 43 runs off first 15 overs.


Sammy came on next and bowled his 8 overs for 26 runs and 1 wicket.


Harry with his trademark baseball cap then bowled some good deliveries and a few wild ones, but 5 overs for 26 runs was ok.

In the field we generally fielded ok, but some poor fielding did let the opposing team get some easy runs.  


Dom then took the risky choice to put Punt on with the slower bowling, but f**k me it worked.  The batsman just could not figure out how to bat against the slower ball and for the first time ever on a Saturday game, Punt bowled all 8 overs.  Yes, you read it right, 8 overs.  


Punt got the key wicket of the opening batsman who got 55 runs.  Tight bowling from Punt and Dom kept run rate down and Tichborne struggled to get many boundaries.  Dom got 2 wickets followed by another wicket for Punt.  Dave bowled one more over before the final over was delivered by Punt and Tichborne were 172 for 7 wickets off 40 overs.  


No tea provided by Tichborne and not even a nice cup of proper tea, which Jack was more than happy to brew and pour.

After a rest, Dom took the unusual decision to open with Alan and Sammy.  It could have worked, but on this occasion it did not.  Both were out quickly for 1 run each.  Jack and Dave were in next and a nice partnership started with runs flowing before Jack was out on 17, but bowled by a beauty that swung into the wicket.


Dom went in and first ball hit for a four, so confidence started to grow, but before you knew it Dom was out for 11. 


Craig walked in and then walked straight back out.  Out for zero.


Now we were in trouble, but with Dave still at the crease we were in with a chance.  Stu walked out but 2 runs later a run out he was back in the club house. 


Punt was next in and after some good advice from Dave to get forward in batting, this seemed to work.  A rare boundary of Punt helped but then a new bowler came on and bowled Punt beautifully.  


Harry went in and batted well to get 15 quick runs with the opposing team getting a bit worried, but with Harry out we were losing our wickets to quickly.  Del went in but was bowled lbw, leaving Eden to hold the fort.  Eden survived one ball before Dave was caught for 64.  All out for 133. 


A frustrating result as we could have chased down the runs. Onto next week where it can get better.

Next Week:  Away to Hythe and Dibden

Man of the Match:  A toss-up between Dave’s good batting or Punts bowling, but as I am writing the match report, Punt pips it to win Man of the Match (does not happen often)

Champagne Moment:  Well this is easy, it’s the beers after the game analysing where we went wrong, followed by more drinks in the Flower Pots pub.

Donut of the Day:  Has to be Stu who was not on his best form for fielding and batting and being 25 minutes late.

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